Covid-19 Guidelines




Before return to any activity

  • Find out what protocols are in place at the club 
  • Confirm to the club that you understand the protocols that are in place 
  • Ensure your club has up-to-date contact details for you 
  • Be registered with Cricket Leinster for insurance purposes 
  • Have fully paid the subs requested for the current season, together with any arrears from previous seasons 
  • All training sessions must be booked in advance through the club’s booking system 
  • Note that all training will be done with reference to government guidelines on maximum numbers and guidelines from Cricket Ireland and Cricket Leinster

You must stay at home if you:

  • Have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days 
  • Are waiting on the results of a COVID-19 test 
  • Have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days 
  • Have been overseas or exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days 
  • Have flu-like symptoms or are feeling unwell 
  • Live outside county Dublin or outside a 20km radius of the club, as per current government guidelines

You must:

  • Check with your GP prior to playing if you are in a high-risk health category

Prior to training

  • Players should travel to the club alone, or only with a member of the same household. 
  • Ample car parking spaces should be available to ensure social distancing. If a player must park next to another car, they should wait for the other person to exit or enter before doing so themselves. 
  • A player should arrive at the club entrance no more than 5 minutes prior to the reserved time. It is important that players maintain social distancing and wait in a pre-designated waiting area that allows for social distancing. 
  • Player should check in with the Covid Safety Officer. 
  • Your COVID-19 Self-Assessment Form must be emailed to the Covid Safety Officer on the morning of training or handed to the Covid Safety Officer already signed prior to attendance at training. There will be no sharing of pens at the training venue. No player will be allowed train without the Self-Assessment Form being submitted. 
  • Players should observe social distancing at all times and resist the temptation to mingle. 
  • Players should arrive in training kit and change footwear at the car or at home. 
  • Players should sanitise their hands prior to attending the club. Players should have their own hand sanitiser for their personal use. 
  • Players should have disposable gloves for their personal use. 
  • Players should ensure that they utilise toilet facilities in their own home prior to arriving at the club as the club toilet facilities will not be accessible. 
  • The club house will not be available in the event of bad weather. Players should return to their car or should have their own appropriate wet weather gear.

Attending training

  • Maintain a minimum of two metres to meet social distancing requirements including during observed sessions (no handshakes). 
  • Quarantine waiting area should be available as a designated waiting area. 
  • Ensure all health and safety and emergency first aid guidelines are followed. 
  • Players must provide their own equipment if possible, and this must be kept in a zipped bag when not in use. 
  • Coach is responsible for collecting all of their own equipment/kit – do not share equipment if possible. 
  • Player is responsible for collecting all their own equipment/kit – do not share equipment if possible. 
  • Player is responsible for ensuring they have their own refreshments and/or food. 
  • Sessions will be scheduled at least 15 minutes apart to avoid or limit any crossover of players. 
  • Avoid high intensity physical exercise where possible. 
  • Batter should not handle the ball - they can kick/knock balls back towards the coach/bowler but minimum of 2m social distancing needs to be maintained. 
  • Maintain wide social distancing at all times. 
  • Bowlers should use their own balls – and are responsible for collecting them. 
  • No saliva or sweat should be applied to the ball.

Equipment & cleaning

  • Practice caution with all equipment and avoid unnecessary touching. 
  • Clean all equipment with a disinfectant spray prior to and after use. 
  • Place bowling machine balls (if used) in the tubs of disinfectant solution provided at the end of each session. 
  • Cricket balls can be wiped down with an alcohol-based wipe. Using an alcohol-based cleaning wipe on the cricket ball after use should destroy any pathogens on the ball and should dry quickly having a minimal effect on the ball. 
  • Try to restrict equipment to a particular group. 
  • Clean all equipment with a disinfectant spray at the conclusion of your session. 

When training finishes

  • Players should leave the session and the ground as soon as possible. 
  • Hands should be washed and sanitised as soon as possible. 
  • Ensure all your own equipment is cleaned thoroughly after use. 
  • If player or coach becomes unwell after training, they should first contact their GP/HSE and then inform the club. The club will then follow advice provided to them by the HSE on the next steps and the club should inform the Provincial Union. 
  • Members should be encouraged to remind other members of the guidelines when they witness poor practices. 
  • Repeated poor practice will not be tolerated and should be reported to the club as soon as possible. Failure to observe these safety guidelines can lead to exclusion from future training sessions. 

Covid-19 Safety Officer

Civil Service Cricket Club

Phoenix Park Dublin 8